What do you use to carry your multi pad?


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I have a Roland SPDSX, and I’m going to be taking it out on weekends soon. I’ve researched hard shell cases for it, and I’m just curious if there are other options for a case. As you know, what makes this so difficult is the mounting bracket that sticks out the bottom.

Looking forward to your answers!


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I have an Alesis sample pad it's not very big. I use a Craftsman tool bag lined with foam. I cut a hole in the foam so that it's not sitting on the volume knob. I think I'd rather have a hard case with foam in it.


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I use a Gator semi-rigid mixer bag. It works great. I can put all my triggers, cables and pedal in it.



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The Gator bag looks good. I was going to suggest their square Protechtor snare case with some foam added, that way you don't have to be overly cautious when transporting. It would also hold cables and probably the trigger pedal (the F.A.T. for example.)



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Usual response [1]

Gater mixer bag for soft
CPC/Farnell Peli copy for mid
Swan for hard.

[1] some may depend on where you are.


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I use an old laptop bag. Padded, handles, and big enough to even throw in some cables in the front zippered pocket.


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Update: I found that a 14" padded tom case plus a small pillow will do the trick. Plus, there's plenty of room for my power chord and possibly any cables I may need.


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Update: I found an old SKB 14 x 14 floor tom case. The case 1/4" of padding plus the hardshell plastic outer shell, and the Roland fits in it a little cock-eyed, but it will work for now. I have a pillow that fits on top of it that will keep it from moving all around, and I have room for power cable, connection cables and my direct box too. Granted, I'm not going to throw it around, but it'll be better than the flimsy canvas bag I was hauling it in, and it will do until I can afford the skb case that's actually made for it. Thanks again!