What do you think of this snare sound?


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I also agree with Dre25.

What something is worth has nothing to do with how it sounds and everything to do with what somebody is prepared to pay for it. These are two very different propositions of fish.

Why is it that threads like this always correlate with a low post count?

(This is not to say that a high post count confers wisdom or worth to posts, but that there is a certain type of thread which always correlates to a low post count.)
What a musical instrument sounds like has everything to do with what it costs (to me). And, what the heck does someone's post count have anything to do with the validity of his questions? Everyone starts with ... 1. Some people's first post is significantly more impressive than others' 3,000th.
I find it hard to believe that your definition of what constitutes a good instrument begins with how much it costs.

There was a discussion on here a week or so back from somebody who was contemplating buying a Green Day snare. Asking price $3,000 IIRC. From what you have posted, you'd see the value in it because somebody has slapped a $3,000 price tag on it.

Now I don't for a second believe that this is something you believe to be true, I mention it because it's a clear example of the point I made - a Green Day snare is only worth $3,000 if somebody is actually prepared to pay that much to hold it.

I've put in bold the point I made in my earlier post, that post count and value of post are not correlated. In your rush to mount your high horse you seem to have missed it. In any forum you'll find seagulls that fly in with one or two inane posts (see the "professioal drummer" thread for a good example). The post isn't dumb because it's a posters first post, the poster is dumb because of the content of his post. While dumb threads very often correlate with a low post count, low post counts do not correlate with dumb threads.