What do you think of this Paiste - Wuhan - Zildjian Configuration?


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Here is the mix i'm planning on doing:

15" 2oo2 Paiste Sound Edge Hi Hats
20" 2oo2 Paiste Crash
24" 2oo2 Paiste Ride

Already Own:
21" A Series Zildjian Sweet Ride in brilliant finish (as a crash)

20" Oriental Zildjian Crash of Doom
20" China Wuhan with rivets

What to you think about this cocktail??


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Sounds loud! I hope you don't play very soft acoustic jazz.....


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Sounds good to me..I mix'em too ..got Paiste sig. hats and ride with 2002,twenty,AAX,K crashes and a Rude china...love the mix I have suits playing cover tunes well can go dark or bright..


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The bigger the better!

20" Wuhan China must have a huge sound. I heard a 18" with rivets on youtube and I must say that that was one of the best china I've ever heard!