What do you do with the tubes brushes are sold in?


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You don't use them for brush storage do you?

I know stick manufactures like people seeing the product but they could figure out like a cardboard box with a window or something so I don't have this giant tube.

Maybe I'll make a potato cannon.


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My brushes didn't come with a tube. I use one of those cardboard sleeves that a pair of sticks comes in to keep my brush wires nice in my stick bag

But I like the potato cannon idea. You could aim it at Art...


I use fixed, not retractable, brushes so I actually need the tube for storage or else my 'bristles' get all mangled. My tube is maybe 1" diameter so it fits snugly in a pocket of my stick bag without taking up too much space. I typically keep 1 set of brushes, 1 pair of sticks I'm actively using, 2-3 pairs of back up sticks (2-3 pairs lasts me well over a year), a spare drum key, some felts, and a bag of guitar pics in my stick bag and it's by no means 'bulky'.


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A pair of those tubes makes an interesting alternate percussion effect as sticks. Be careful not to hit too hard, though, or they crack quickly.


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I also just use mine for storage of the brushes in my bag...