What do Mapex kicks come supplied with?


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I've just recently acquired a 2007 Mapex Saturn set, and I really like the sound of the kick drum. The batter head is Mapex-branded so I don't know what model it might be, can anyone enlighten me as to what it could be? It looks a bit like an EMAD.


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Saturns come with Mapex-branded Remo heads, and the kick head is indeed a Powerstroke 3. Not sure about the front head.

Toms come with clear Emperors over clear Ambassadors, and the snares come with coated Ambassador over Ambassador snare sides.


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My 2012 Saturn bass came with a PS3. They are great sounding bass drums.
I still have the stock batter on the drum.
I added a thin Fiberskyn with a felt strip muffler for a front head. No port.