What discontinued cymbals/gear would you love to get your hands on, or put back into production?


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The Paiste Dimensions series, and some sort of Paiste mini china. The Twenty series had one for a while (8"-12") and it was awesome. Now they don't have anything.
Paiste 505's and Paiste 1000's. Some of the best B8 bronze cymbals I've heard.
Zildjian Z Custom's. These could cut through anything, just remember your hearing protection!

Midnite Zephyr

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I like those 1st Gen Zildjian AMIR cymbals. I think they were originally created to compete with 2002 crashes because they are also B8 alloy. The subsequent generations were made to be budget cymbals, so I don't look for those. But the 1st gen with the capital letters are the ones to find.


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Zildjians Cymbal Snaps. Had them on all of my cymbal stands back in the day. Would work wonders today for my gigs.