What devices do you listen to music on?

What devices do you listen to music on?

  • Hifi Stereo/Speakers

    Votes: 24 42.9%
  • Audiophile Stereo/Speakers

    Votes: 9 16.1%
  • Car Stereo

    Votes: 50 89.3%
  • Headphones

    Votes: 40 71.4%
  • Earbuds

    Votes: 34 60.7%
  • Bluetooth/PC Speaker

    Votes: 30 53.6%
  • Kitchen Radio

    Votes: 6 10.7%
  • Other Trashy Systems

    Votes: 4 7.1%
  • Studio Monitors

    Votes: 16 28.6%
  • PA System

    Votes: 9 16.1%

  • Total voters


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Mostly the below.

Headphones (Marshall)
iPhone earphones
Sonos Speaker

Strangely don't listen to much music in the car unless I'm trying to memorise a song or songs for the band, much prefer the sound of the road.


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Multiple choices allowed. Maybe elaborate a bit on your situation?

For me it's three situations:
  • Sitting in my car, enjoying my Dynaudio System
  • Sitting in my studio, enjoying my Neumann KH310
  • Sitting in my office/lab, enjoying my EMES Black tv connected to a small Bluetooth amp, driven by my notebook
  • Sitting in my office/lab, enjoying my Sennheiser HD599 connected to my notebook
I see that you do all of your listening sitting down :).

Great question and interesting answers so far.

The most music enjoyment for me is listening to original pressings of vinyl on my vintage Technics SL-D2 direct drive turntable (which I bought in 1982), a similar era Pioneer SX-720 200w receiver, and a pair of JBL Century L100 studio monitors I acquired in the mid 1980’s. Everything is original except the cartridge (upgraded Audio Technica).
I have some Apple earbuds and some JBL headphones for Bluetooth time.
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At work I have a pair of JVC headphones. the cheaper ones that sit in your ear.
At home, I have a nice Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 for bluetooth needs.
I also have a very nice Denon receiver with Definitive Tech speaker towers & center speaker, all in which have their own dedicated sub-woofer, as well as a floor sub-woofer. I use this primarily for my record player. (wife worked at best buy so I took full advantage of a massive discount).
In the work shop I have my Botsch cube jobsite radio which surprising still works after 20 something years!
In the car I have the Audi standard Band & Olufsen.


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I checked Audiophile Stereo/Speakers, but mostly on my laptop (which I use as my main computer) and either through phones or a separate amp and speakers. It depends on what level of quality and volume I need. :)


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I’m not picky. I’ll use whatever. I think if music doesn’t sound good on the cheap stuff, it’s not going to sound any better through a PA or high end rig.


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Hola Dot Comrades

I listen to most of my music from my i phone through a blue tooth speaker. I use a jbl go 2 when l am on my bike, and a jbl charge3 at home.

life and it’s sound track is so much simpler to manage now.

have a great weekend all



My horrible blown car speakers, a cheap Bluetooth speaker that some times doesn't work, a cheap pair of computer speakers with zero low end, a decent set of Numark headphones that I typically only use with my ekit, and finally... When I really need quality audio, a pair of apple ear buds WITH WIRE, none of this air pod crap.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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From most used to least used.

1) iPod with either my old Porta Pros or if wearing a hat I use pods.
2) Wireless headphones at home hooked to computer.
3) Car stereo where I actually still used the CD player, as well.
4) My old stereo system is in the drum shed, but it isn't really used much.
5) iPod + Macroboom


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PC. Finally got some decent 2:1 speakers.


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I have many Bluetooth speakers around the house (Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth speaker, Marshall Kilburn Bluetooth speaker, a couple of clip 3's, 2 Big Blues, but when I am practicing drums my main go to is my vintage Sansui SP-8700 speakers that my son turned into Bluetooth through my receiver.

Sansui SP-8700 Speakers
40 lbs each
4 Way, 6 Driver Loudspeaker System
220 Watts
Base1X432mm Cone
Mid-range 1X165 Cone
Tweeter 1X171X59mm Horn
Super Tweeter 3 X49mm Cone
Dimensions: 470X688X270mm
Year: 1980


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I have an Onkyo 5.1 set where my record player is hooked on to (for vinyl) and i use my Xbox Series X to play cd's and watch dvd/blu rays.
In my car (Opel Karl) i use my phone as a mass storage device and use VLC via the onboard media center to play music.
In the kitchen we now have a bluetooth speaker: a Marshall Emberton speaker. Also use my phone to playback music. Amazing sound for such a small thing!



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car: car stereo
bedroom: tv/dvd/appleTV/chromecast > onkyo 9010 > B&W 685s2 + ASW600
workstation: macbook pro > focusrite 18i20 gen 3 > Mackie MR8 mk2 + MRS10
headphones: sennheiser HD 25 SP, HD 280 pro, HD 598cs, HD 58X Jubilee, HD 650.
wireless monitor: sennheiser ew 300 iem + ie 40 pro.


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My work bought me a Jabra Evolve2 65 Bluetooth headset to make my life easier as I was using a rubbish USB headset before. My manager uses the same headset and recommended it - and it's not bad. It's great for calls, it's really easy to set up and the audio quality is more than decent. I'm quite impressed with it. The audio quality isn't as good as some of my headphones but it's more than sufficient to listen to music on when I'm not on the phone.