what cases to buy?


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I ordered a Tama Starclassic Maple set and of course I want to have the best protection for them, what cases should I get? let me know of your own personal experiences with them. Thanks


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If you want hard cases, the Humes & Berg or XL cases are great (XL is made by Gator now.)

I stopped using hard cases for local gigs a while back, opting for Beato Bags instead. I can't toss my gear around like I used to in & out of my truck, but I stopped doing that anyway.

Bags cost less than hard cases, they take up less room on a shelf or in the vehicle, and the Beato bags stand up on their own so removing/re-inserting drums - especially the kick - is easy.

Neal Pert

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You'll get a lot of answers. I'll ask you some questions:

1. Do you have a budget?
2. Will you always be handling your own gear?
3. What sorts of load-ins will you be doing?
4. Do you have any physical limitations which would lead you to want to keep the weight of the cases down-- bad back, etc?
5. Will you need to keep your drums in bad weather or relatively extreme conditions (back of a pickup, stored in a garage in a northern state during winter, etc?

If you can answer those questions, the recommendations you get will be better.

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My preference is hardcase, for me being able to stack a kit after a performance and leave it secure in the knowledge that it won’t get dented/scratched up/spilled upon is important. Hardcases are a little heavier but offer way more protection from all the hits taken during load in/out at a venue.

However, I don’t think you need hardcases if you aren’t gigging and handle your own gear all the time. My kit is out the house at present but here is a pic of the snare/cymbal basement reserve to show I put my money where my talk is…


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I always used to use Hardcase. Great cases but, can be a pain in the arse. They do their job well but I found they could mark the drums. Especially the BD if it has painted claws. I still use them when we tour.
Most of my kits are now kept in Protection Racket Fleece-lined cases. These are great & are also hardwearing. Much easier to transport as well.


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I had soft bags, now have a full set of Hardcases, but would gladly go back to soft bags again. I find them clumbsy, bulky and a pain to store though granted some sizes can be concertina- ed. My old 22x18 in a Hardcase was like moving a bass cab and I miss the days when I could carry my 4 drums over my shoulders in one go.
Your instinct will be to buy the most bulletproof cases money can buy but consider the questions Neal Pert asks above for your own personal circumstances.

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LOL. Love the different opinions.

I went from soft cases back to hard cases, because I found soft cases actually harder to carry around. Their non-rigid form makes them move around a lot and they sag by nature, adding additional variables when moving them around and setting up/tearing down. I can much more easily carry my kick drum in a hard case than a soft case.


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The fleece-lined bags from Ahead Armor and Protection Racket are the best, I've found. (I have both.) Haven't tried the Beato bags, but they're more difficult to find and considerably more expensive. (because they're made in USA)

If you plan to gig with your drums, do not get anything thinner or cheaper than the Ahead Armor or Protection Racket bags. I have SKB soft bags and Gator Protechtor bags as well, and they do not provide enough padding for heavy gigging IMO. You still feel like you have to be "careful" when handling them because the padding is thinner. Those bags are best for occasional gigs or storage.


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I haven't used hard cases in decades. I play mostly clubs locally so soft cases protect my drums fine and they're
easier to mange.

I use mostly Protection Racket bags. Ahead Armor bags are also super sturdy and reasonably priced.


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Beato Pro 1 soft cases are my favorites. Like others have mentioned, they are excellent protection and are relatively easy to handle. Protection Racket bags are a close second... maybe even a first.

If you want hard cases, SKB cases are fantastic. I have a couple and they're bullet proof.


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I ordered a Tama Starclassic Maple set and of course I want to have the best protection for them, what cases should I get? let me know of your own personal experiences with them. Thanks
I have a set of SKB cases that I've been using for years. They protect the drums well, are durable, and are stackable. But they are heavy. For soft cases, I have Ahead Armor and Protection Racket and would recommend them both.


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I briefly used hard cases but switched to bags because they’re easier to store (bags easily nest together), and I wasn’t tossing the cases into a trailer with other gear.

I suggest the Tama drum “bags”.



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Ahead Armor bags are also super sturdy and reasonably priced.
What I like about Ahead is that they have a nice zipper system that makes it easy to put in/out with the thick fleece which is more cushion compared to my other soft cases. Plus they have that extra space for a mount system like Starcast or RIMs which also makes very easy to take in/out, I never have to 'stuff it' in order to fit the mounting system that sticks out.


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Ahead and Protection Racket are fine bags until you get caught in a rain storm bringing your bags into the venue. Beato Pro 1 bags are waterproof and very resistant to cuts as well . You place your drums in Beato Bags instead of putting the bag on the drum with Ahead and Protection Racket bags .