What brand of drum set would you buy right now ?


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This is more of an curiosity post for me to see what forum members would be interested in buying . I will add a suggestion for me , but I truly have no need for any new kits as I am in purge mode now .

Ok so let’s set some parameters for your answers first folks .
1) It has to be different than what you own now
2) Something you could afford now
Cool ?
So what drum set (brand , model, sizes ) would you be in the market for now ?

My choice ? Hmmm …. I would probably go back to something I owned in the past . Something from Noble and Cooley . Probably a Horizon kit in white lacquer with rainbow glitter . I have a thing these days for white sparkle lacquer kits . Sizes would be 22 x 14 ; 10 x 7 ; 13 x 9 and 16 x 14 on legs . The David Garibaldi configuration . I really like the idea of the three inch spread between toms . Nice and easy to keep the tone separate and very versatile .
Most likely coated over clear Remo Ambassadors on the toms and coated Remo PS3 on the bass batter .

So what would be your choice ?
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AQ2 Bop or Tama SSC in bop if anyone actually had one.


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Ok so let’s set some parameters for your answers first folks .
1) It has to be different than what you own now

Tama Starclassic Maple 6 piece

2) Something you could afford now

used CB700 particleboard beginner kit

but seriously
Ii really don't need or want anything new honestly. My 94 Pearl Master Custom Maple and 55 Ludwig have been going strong for 30/70+ years respectively...

what Ii would really like is a new space to put everything in


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Eames master tone 12/14/18…but a 14x13

Sizes would be 22 x 14 ; 10 x 7 ; 13 x 9 and 16 x 14 on legs
That’s was essentially what I had for Horizons except a deeper 10 (9 maybe) and 20 x 18 BD. Would actually the consider getting the same finish on the above but maybe black sparkle (?)…if they do outside shell finishes, N&C finishes right now are amazing.


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Hard to say. If money was no object, I'd say Tama Star, but I hear there's a bit of a wait these days....


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Dimensions more important to me than brand.
they're targets : ) Hi end any make
Drumming is a verb not a noun!!
Put down the shovel!!
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There is no doubt in my mind..not even close. I'd have Sonor custom build my phonic kit in sizes 18x22..8x12..14x14..16x16. In that lavender wrap they offered decades ago. I still get excited when the show us your Sonors thread gets revived. I could tell you THE tunes I've zoned in on over the years where it's all phonic or phonic plus kits and that sound is unmistakingly Sonor that gets me off like no other kit..none..zip..zero.


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I would probably get some older stage customs or a Sonor aq2. If I had more money I would get a sq2.
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I have the Ludwig sets I want now, and in real life if I were to get another set, it would be another Ludwig.

But to go with your parameters of something I don't have now, it would be Gretsch Broadkaster or USA Custom.


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I would have Sonor SQ2 8 10 12 13 ft 14 & 16 22 kick in a heart beat may be ill win tattsloto dream on I say.