What black color should I use to paint my Pearl set?


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And I want to change all the hardwares to gold by powder coating.
It would be cheaper to replace the hardware with gold. That's a plating process, not powdercoating. Powdercoating would be a gold colored paint and won't achieve a proper metal shine unless you anodized it afterward and that's gonna get real expensive for all the hoops, lugs, and rods.


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My experience with paint tells me there is flat, matte, semi gloss, and gloss and whatever number of flecks, sparkle, or glass you add, but there is only one black. Not light black, dark black, etc. just black


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Chartreuse with pink polka dots.


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I wasn’t sure what kind of black is the trendiest or meanest looking


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Orange. Why would anyone want a drum kit in a colour other than orange?
I actually like Orange drums too, but not this time on these 26 year old set. I saw A orange Ford set with non destructible paint the kind they use for truck bed. Nice but maybe later
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