What Artist did you worship, but no longer listen too?


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The Eels.

I was undoubtedly once upon a time a serious devotee towards this wonderful American indie band.

Unable to be pigeonholed, they tampered and toyed with many genres.

However, once Butch left the drum throne and after their Daisies of the Galaxy album......I just disliked their sound and direction a great deal.

I just don't know what happened......E was a masterful songwriter and performer.

Their first 3 main albums.....Beautiful Freak, Electro Shock Blues and Daisies of the Galaxy were true masterpieces of music, but they went severely downhill after that.


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Trent Reznor

I loved the first few NIN albums but as he went on his music became angst ridden whining to me. I'm 25+ years older now and can't handle listen to that emo baloney anymore.

You should check out bad witch, NIN's last album. I had the exact same feelings about NIN as you but that record is great. Lots of bowie influence and its very short and sweet.


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Dave Matthews Band. Loved them through HS and College. Saw them live a ton. Can’t stand to listen to them anymore.


Totally get that you had to be there.. The more I’ve read about Bonham, the more it seems he wasn’t a particularly pleasant guy.

I remember buying and enjoying his biography, A Thunder of Drums, when it came out around 2001 or so. Last year, I came across my copy in my a pile of junk and decided to reread it and was actually a bit disappointed at the anecdotes about his attitude and behavior.


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Any Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers past the 1987 release Let Me Up, I've Had Enough record.
I was really into Stan Lynch's playing & once he left after Wildflowers, I was done. The sound changed a lot & I just couldn't get into them anymore.
No disrespect to Steve Ferrone as he was a great replacement and overall master player.

I think Tom just decided to go a totally different route with his music, politics and substances. It showed in the sound of his work post 1990.