What Artist did you worship, but no longer listen too?


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Oooooo Paul Butterfield band excellent choice I’d forgotten thanks for reminder. I’m like Bo I think I dislike most bands of past until I rediscover them thinking “Dang they were better than I remember LOL


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Love the You get what you play for Album.
Gary Richrath was an exceptional guitar player. Golden Country holds true...ESPECIALLY today.
Richrath wrote some fantastic guitar parts and doesnt get nearly the credit/respect I feel he deserves. Honestly the whole band for that matter.

Nobody talks on the phone like Gary does.


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What artist/band did you worship, but no longer listen too?
Worship might be a tad strong, but you get my drift... loved and acquired all their music, followed them, went to their concerts, got excited when their songs got played.
I presume you also mean to exclude fad stuff from childhood/preteen years that folks typically outgrow- i.e. if you were 11 in 1990 and loved New Kids On The Block for a year, until the guy/girl you liked or older sibling home from college ridiculed you. :LOL:

A recent one for me is Ryan Adams, because he was revealed to be such a sh**bag.

For purely musical reasons- all the hair metal I was into from age 12-16. I still turn up the volume for Round and Round, Photograph, & a few more similar tunes, but the beginning of the end of all that for me was when the... bassist (?) in Whitesnake, in one of their videos, *licked* the neck of his bass- not once, but *twice*. :confused: A year or two later, having already delved deeply into college radio / alternative rock, punk, and hip-hop but was still kinda paying attention to the hair bands, Warrant's "Cherry Pie" video was the end of the end- made me toss the metaphorical stack of papers into the air and say "that's, it, I quit, I'm out, f*** this sh**".

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I think I’ve done this with every artist I’ve ever listened to. Things come in waves and I either discover something new, or i re-visit things. This week I bought four Pink Floyd albums which is new to me, but also re-visited Stevie Wonder and Peter Frampton. Next week I plan to get in to the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. I internalize it then move on.
Makes alot of sense good info


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I hear KISS, and Ratt and all I can think is:
I started out guitar. These bands always (to me) sounded like bands with two guitarists that sounded almost as good as one guitarist.
Throw Judas Priest in there too.


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There are many, but Metallica is a big one for me.
Lars was an early influence on me in my mid to late teens and one of the bands I was in (late '89 - '91) was a (somewhat) tribute band and our set list could include every song they had done up until that point. I say "somewhat" because we didn't deliberately dress like them nor did I have an identical kit to Lars but I did have a white kit (still do) and had black reso's and our bass player was also our vocalist and played an explorer bass, so there were some similarities. Once the black album came out and they revealed themselves as complete sellouts, I lost ALL respect for them. When I returned from the tour I was on with another band, and this band had decided to include "Enter Sandman" and "Wherever I may roam" into the setlist, I knew I needed to move on.
Every great once in awhile I'll listen to the pre-black stuff for nostalgic sake, but having played it so many times I'm just plain tired of it....and them.

Iron Maiden was the hardest one. After Fear Of The Dark, I was sort of sensing that they were "done". But they came back with Brave New World, which I really liked. Them and Rush are the 2 bands that I worship, and unlike Metallica, I could not give up on Maiden as a whole. They formed too much of my outlook on life to really let the Blaze Bailey/solo porjects/multiple guitarist change years sour the rest of. the experience for me.

Metallica ...
same here. I did not worship them - that is only reserved for Rush - but I first heard The Four Horsemen on a mix tape in 1983, and it was so fast, heavy and punky. It definitely changed my outlook on how music, and being an underground "reject" could be (I had been a punker as well so it mixed my love of metal and punk). I loved them up until the album after the Black Album.....then they showed me what "Sellout" really meant. I have not been into them since. Hell, I can't. even name any album or song by them since the Black album other than St. Anger. And I only know that one b/c of people complaining about the drum sounds....I have never heard it...

There are other bands who I really was sad to "let go of" and got bored of as they lost their focus into their careers:

RHCP - after Blood Sugar, Sex, Magic, they became a pop band to me
Ozzy - after Jake E Lee left (The Ultimate Sin) they became another boring blues rock band to me, and he was definitely a Sharon puppet...
Dream Theater - after FAlliing Into Infinity. Just seemed like they could not write anything fresh anymore, and were really trying to milk the Scenes From a Memory thing
Anthrax - another super influential band on me from Fistfull of Metal until Persistence of Time, but I sort of lost them through the John Bush years...and I think some of that was b/c Armored Saint broke up for a minute and that hurt too...going back though, I grew to like the JB Anthrax stuff as it's own thing in a way...Anthrax mark 2


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A number of prog rock bands, many of which I used to worship as The GREATEST or MOST TALENTED BAND Of All TIME (Dream Theatre and Rush especially) in my teens and early 20s. While I still love prog rock (Genesis is my fave rock band of all time) much of the genre is overwrought and devolves into an excuse to display technical prowess at the expense of songwriting. It leaves me cold and doesn’t move me anymore.


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I still listen to old music much more than new. My interests in art seem to lean retro. However, in response to your question, there are bands that I had a "leaping off" point. The Stones output for me passed Tattoo You is worthless, save Keef's solo stuff. I bid farewell to Genesis after Abacab. When Dio took over in Sabbath, I quit. Just didn't seem the same. Pretty much all the bands I used to dig I still do.
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It just comes and goes, one day I'm all about Peter Hammill, Gentle Giant or something and the next day something completely different like the Cardiacs or the Stranglers. Then maybe Moody Blues or Genesis then back again. It all goes around!


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The only band I worshipped was the Beatles and when they broke up it ruined my life for a month. I thought they’d be rocking together until dead. But I still listen to them if they come up on my smoking hot playlists.

I played a lot of Moody Blues back in the day, saw them live (they rocked harder than any L.A. band at the time), but don’t have any of their work in my rent-a-collection.


I used to listen to Radiohead all the time in the late 90s through 2003’s Hail To The Thief. I almost never listen to them anymore, but still really respect their work, especially Jonny Greenwood’s contributions. His score to There Will Be Blood was great as well.

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Trent Reznor

I loved the first few NIN albums but as he went on his music became angst ridden whining to me. I'm 25+ years older now and can't handle listen to that emo baloney anymore.


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Man, there are tons of bands I used to love but I don't listen to anymore. Generally speaking, I grew up listening to a lot of rock and roll. These days, I listen to a whole lot of country music.


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Kate Bush. Had every album. Knew every song, forwards and backwards. Read a few biographies.
Just have moved on for some reason, I don't know why. She's a great artist.