What are your drumming (or musical) mottos in life..?


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Here's one from an old friend of mine - a wonderful drummer taken from us too soon due to complications of acute pancreatitis.

PAGTYA - Peace and Groove to you all.


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My motto is: "I like to Rock N Roll along but sometimes I get the blues, sometimes I get funky or feelin' jazzy, and even sometimes I'll get all folksy or country". Nah I don't have any mottos. But these suggestions do come to mind. Don't be a dick-too many of them already. Be nice to people-it ain't that hard-even if they are a dick (you should feel sorry for them), You should always do your best, and nothing wrong with taking pride in your best efforts,, But don't go thinking it "IS" best-you should always strive to do better or your best. I am "serious" but once you get that part done-then lets have fun with it to. And don't go the other extreme of being too critical of yourself so you become your own worse enemy. That brings up "criticism" which first you have to make the distinction between positive and negative (I was a little slow making that distinction as a young man). Ignore that which isn't about making you better, and be open to those who really are offering positive suggestions (when I was a young man I didn't take it to well-probably from all the negative mean criticisms) that will you grow. I always try be honest and have integrity and do the "right thing" but I must not be to good at that either because that's blown up in my face a few times and made me think-No good deed goes unpunished -and I'm a liar with no integrity LOL. So that brings up don't be jaded by crap like that and still try to do the right thing and be nice.


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Always listen and play with dynamics. (I can’t solo, so that’s all I’ve got).