What are your drumming (or musical) mottos in life..?


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Oh these are good acronyms that I like

ABYOD-always bring your own drums
ABYOC-always bring your own cymbals
NTACO-never trust a club owner


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I first saw this one here on Drummerworld as someone's "signature" (apologies for not remembering who's sig it is)-

“To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable.”

― Ludwig van Beethoven

THAT pretty much wraps up how I try judge myself and the music I play or even listen to. Nothing worse than a half-arsed attempt at making "music".

Also, similarly to Paradiddle Pete's post above, I try to play for the people listening to me. If I start thinking about the "drummer\s" or other musicians in the audience it totally throws me off and can bring down my performance as I second guess everything I do. I don't mind other players critiquing my playing, but that is better done "off camera" when a real conversation can take place and not in my head where it's all made up chatter....lol.

Interesting idea for a thread Oldskool!


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Play what the song needs.
Play to the room.
If I can't hear the lead singers vocals, I'm too loud.
Never, ever make the sound guy (or lady) mad. Ever.


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Talk less, do more...

This can be used for anything. Some people talk too damn much and don't deliver. In musical settings, it's basically the shut and play principle


"Jazz is not taught, jazz is caught." My wonderful high school jazz band director said this. I'm not sure what the origin is, if anyone knows please pass it on. Over the years, this obviously not only applies to music but to life in general and I always thought he meant it that way.

Jeremy Bender

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"Play the way you'd want to hear yourself if you were sitting out in the audience" - Peter Erskine
"Blend in with the people around you and listen to them while you're playing" - My high school band director
"Never pet a burning dog" - Steve Gadd

Obviously give credit where credit is due...
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I reflect back and sum it up this way... "43 years... all the time and money spent.. I still suck...."


Well, there’s two.

Be who you say you are.

and. If yer name ain’t Richard, don’t be a _ick


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1. Make sure the song and band is grooving
2. Good balanced sound of my drums as well as the band.
3. No mistakes.

In that order.