What are your drumming goals for this year?


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Hey guys I have gotten pretty lazy with my drumming lately. With work and kids I just don't make time like I should. My goal this year is to practice 30 minutes every day. Let's hear your goals and inspire each other!



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To get as much time behind the kit and on the pad as possible.
I know that's a little amorphous for a goal, but Lord knows I need it!

Jeremy Bender

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To actually work through Stick Control from front to back doing each exercise at least twenty times at various tempos and dynamics on the snare drum. I just bought a new copy to replace the original I purchased 33 years ago in high school when I first picked up the sticks. I'm approaching it with a much more focused and organized approach than when I was 14.

Also to keep working on playing rock music more convincingly than the way I've always played it-which was a big band drummer playing a "rock'" chart ( I hope to start a rock band when I retire at 60 ).
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My main goal is to play a really good second year exam concert in classical percussion. Other than that, try to participate on all of the once-a-month jazz jam in town.


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My main goal is to educate the worship leaders at church about drums and why they need to maintain high drumming standards.



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My goal is to become a better drummer.

For me that means that I want to play more convincing, that my 190bpm+ fills need work, my 210bpm+ 8th note ride needs work and my right foot needs to get faster.

All that will come in time though, so I'll just play as much as I can and play the songs that let me work on those goals.


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become better than everyone else on DW
& have a thread with a rating of 5 stars (with over 10 ratings)


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Overall to just continue what I've been doing (e.g. weaker side lead).
But getting more into actually practicing at/playing the kit instead of hitting pads.


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Work on the pad/snare and overall relaxation- I want to play music more than think my way through songs/fills/transitions which is what it feels like now.

Liebe zeit

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It's my "Year of the Right Foot" (single pedal). I want hard, fast, accurate and syncopated, with 16th notes.

I'm doing lots of other stuff but that's my big goal for the year. I want to be a monster with my right foot and 26" bass drum this year.


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To see the guitarist and bass player spin round and mouth...

"******* hell"

More frequently

(In a nice way of course)
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Work on the pad/snare and overall relaxation- I want to play music more than think my way through songs/fills/transitions which is what it feels like now.
Me too! We're definitely on the same wavelength there!


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To clean up my doubles...and speed them up.

I'm never completely happy with them.

That, and to finish John Riley's The Art of Bop Drumming book.

I also want to nail the Tommy Igoe's Great Hands for a Lifetime. I'm currently working on the intermediate tempo. And again, never happy with every aspect of it.


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My goal is to get picked up by a national act so I can stop doing electrical work. Also to lead my 6 piece band to victory so we can compete in Memphis next year at the International Blues Challenge.


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My drumming goal is to get better at everything that i do on the drums. Same as the last 10+ years. Also to get better at guitar, piano, bass guitar and composing. And since i just got a job as a music teacher, to get better at teaching so i can serve my student's needs. Specifically I need to get my technique to the next level and remove some of the tension that has been creeping into my playing lately.