What are you listening to right now?


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Kitty, Daisey and Lewis, The Go Getters, Wanda Jackson, The Cramps, Lee Rocker, Velvetone, Rev Horton Heat....

I have a rockabilly car show gig this weekend....


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@cbphoto great songs on that album!

I'am listening to it right now as you suggested.
Ken Scott produced it and the drums sound very unique. We can clearly hear ghost notes and it really helps the music.

BTW, Ken Scott engineered Billy Cobham’s Spectrum. He knows how to mic & record a kit.


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"Wolverine Blues" from the Viper's Drag LP by Henry Butler, Steven Bernstein & The Hot 9.

(chosen for me by the iTunes app... I started out with Amy Whinehouse's "In My Bed" from the album "Frank", but the queue in iTunes took over again somehow)

EDIT: Herlin Riley is on drums. "I Left My Baby" is a good listen.
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