What are you listening to right now?


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Weezer-Pacific Daydream. "Weekend Woman" is my summer jam right now.



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I absolutely unironically adore arena rock Kinks. It is not the best Kinks, but it is so good. And I love the idea of them (hopefully) finally making some real moneyTh after so long in the relative wilderness.
Those videos were posted after spending a night going down memory lane.
Saw The Kinks in Seattle in 1980.
They were touring for the album, "One for The Road", which was a live album created from the tour for the Low Budget album.
Only time I can remember, that I've heard of a band touring for a live album that was recorded from the tour for the previous album.



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Good childhood memories, my Grandmother would play the record whenever I went to visit, she liked it very much.

Try listening to it only once . 💃🕺

I simply love it.

La Compagnie Créole - Vive le Douanier Rousseau