What are you listening to right now?

Well I’m clearing the grass and grading and prepping the ground to extend my patio which is individually poured 2x2 concrete squares. The area is appx 30’x8’ . It’s hard work for this crusty old retired guy with multiple old injuries, so yesterday and today’s music is rock and metal to light a fire under my old ass and keep me moving ! So they’ll be good doses of of these cranked loud!
Neighbors are gonna love me

Sevendust .... lots and lots of this.
The Who
Tommy Vext
And maybe some Genesis and Gabriel and SRV mixed in and on breaks .
Seriously too busted up and getting to old for this kinda project , but like with other things , hopefully the music gets me through .
And I’ve got more time than money to pay someone to do it , so hopefully this ends well 🙏🏻 🤞🏻


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Weezer-Pacific Daydream. "Weekend Woman" is my summer jam right now.



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I absolutely unironically adore arena rock Kinks. It is not the best Kinks, but it is so good. And I love the idea of them (hopefully) finally making some real moneyTh after so long in the relative wilderness.
Those videos were posted after spending a night going down memory lane.
Saw The Kinks in Seattle in 1980.
They were touring for the album, "One for The Road", which was a live album created from the tour for the Low Budget album.
Only time I can remember, that I've heard of a band touring for a live album that was recorded from the tour for the previous album.