What are you listening to right now?


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The break from gigging has been good for me. Usually I'm cramming songs between weekends. I haven't listened to anything top-40 in months. Lots of jazz, latin, and obscure European folk music.

This week I'm revisiting the Brubeck Quartet discography. Binge listening is great!!! (y):D


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Best of America CD I picked up at a flea market last Sunday along with a steely Dan CD...not Asia though damn it.


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I just listened to Paul McCartney singing Elvis while playing the double bass. What a great guy and musician.



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New All Them Witches album "Nothing as the Ideal". Excellent, inventive drumming from Robbie Staebler. I highly suggest you check them out.

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“Sing”, an animated movie that has a mouse character who brings down the house with a spot-on Sinatra impression of “My Way”. I’m so glad my 4 and 6-year-old are getting such a wonderful introduction to that music. There’s such a huge generation gap these days, I think music can be a real bridge-builder.


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this weekend was:
Abyss - Unleash The Archers - the new album
Panther - Pain Of Salvation
So - Peter Gabriel
Kings X - Gretchen Goes to Nebraska
Gary Burton - Reunion