What are you listening to right now?

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The James Brown well runs deep! A few years ago I submerged myself and had a ball. Few of my favorites: I Cant Stand Myself (to me underrated awesome drum groove that crazy and even turns into a solo at James' behest, dont turn it loose, cuz its a motha!), Funky Drummer with that awesome breakdown beat that Ive been trying to play for 15 years), Talkin Loud, Papa Dont Take No Mess, The Payback, Cold Sweat, Prisoner of Love....man there are so many, so much awesomeness. My fav drummer of his is Clyde, he's his own funk animal.
Yes, yes, yes and yes! 👍

Yamaha Rider

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Listened to the exquisite Harvest Moon by NY multiple times a day for several days now. Accompanied by Held Down, Laura Marlin's new single, Summer Girl by Haim.
Common denominator: restrained but perfectly felt drumming. 🖤
Right now ? Just listened to enemy by sevendust , and right now Face to Face by sevendust - which I’ll go ahead and dedicate to a couple of very special people 😉


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I'm hooked on a few things right now:
1) Trains (an old Steps Ahead tune by Mike MainierI) by the Blue Note Tokyo Big Band with Peter Erskine, Senri Kawaguchi, and Hiroyuki Noritake on drums

2) Mr. Funk by the Bob Mintzer Big Band with John Riley on drums

3) Song for Bilbao by Pat Metheny played by the Central Washington University Jazz Band (the drummer plays some reserved/tasty stuff), plus...even though a bit repetitive, the arrangement is better than good)

4) Love me some Tommy Igoe
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just played along to:

1. Northward - s/t album
2. Peter Gabriel - So; the original, not messed around with, not remastered CD version
3. Rush - Power Windows - that was rough; have not played with that one for a while...


I’ve been listening to a new band I found on Spotify called Just Neighbors. It’s math emo. Mostly instrumental but a couple of their songs have vocals. The drummer is really good.