What are you listening to right now?


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this really wont be to everyones taste, but i love it. and i love turning the bass up and it thumping my subwoofers to their max! <3


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I've gotten around to putting a video I'd had in my favorites for some time on high rotation to hopefully soak bits of it in. It's a Zach Danziger clinic with some insane phrasing. A few of the concepts from the opening solo are revisited in a song as he chops over the form near the end - 7:30 - and it's brutally effective.

* try to ignore the cymbal guardian guy *



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Bean Blossom is an old Indiana town once called Georgetown then, renamed to promote tourism and Bill Monroe's venue was a big reason for the change of name.
John Dillinger, running from authorities while on a bank robbing spree, threw one of his men out as they went through Bean Blossom, to slow the cops. Joe Jenkins was killed in a shootout with local lawmen. Oct 1933.
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There's a Georgetown area in south Seattle, too.
Used to be a place there called "Ben's", was a junkyard for commercial trucks. Very popular.
My mom used to shop at an Asian store there (Maruta) and one of the state lottery offices is in there.