What are you listening to right now?


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I found this 70's pop hits CD at a flea market last week. Along with Stevie Wonder just bein bad I keep playing joy to the world soakin in Floyd Sneers coolness. The guy is so cool he's almost frozen. Damn! he's bad.


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I went to college in Buffalo. Spyro Gyra's first drummer was Ted Reinhardt. After appearing on 4 tunes on their first album, he left the band. Don't know why. But he gave the band an edge it never had again after he left. I used to go see his band Taxi almost every Thursday night (when I should have been studying) at a club called Mr. Goodbar's. The draw for me was Ted. The guitarist George Puleo was also insane. Those Thursdays were often the height of my week. This is just a sample of what I was able to see on a weekly basis and sitting within 10 feet of Reinhardt.



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This album legitimately frightens me. Tony Williams plays like a demon possessed. John McLaughlin is an absolute wizard throughout.

One of the few albums where the title perfectly encapsulates what is going on (Emergency!)
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Made a cooking dinner playlist.
Lido Shuffle - Boz Scaggs
Wouldn't Wanna Be Like You - Allan Parsons Project
Cover Of The Rolling Stone - Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show
See The Light - Jeff Healy
Battle Of Evermore - Heart Live