What are you listening to right now?

when's National Gene Krupa day?..

My mom believed that when you die, that day becomes your new birthday, because that's the day you transcend into your next life.
Given that, it would be October 16th.
However, we The Living, usually celebrate people's birthdays in THIS life, so given that, it could also be January 15th.
I woke up today with brain radio playing Pieces of April as recorded by Three Dog Night. It's late September here, but the song kind of fits today.

Mike Clark and Paul Jackson
"Steady Freddy" from the album The Funk Stops Here
Mike Clark on Drums

Mike Clark Band
"Bookin'" from the album Carnival of Soul
Mike Clark on Drums

Woke up to brain radio playing There's no Getting Over Me by Ronnie Milsap. A nice way to start the day!

Half a century later it still resonates. I think the Hippies were onto something...


Sam Ulano Is Mr. Rhythm! and his trio - US Lane LP 151 LP FULL​

"Gretsch drums and K Zildjian cymbals used thruout this recording"
^Short inter^view)
Solomon Paul "Sam" Ulano (August 12, 1920 – January 1, 2014) was an American jazz drummer and teacher.[1] He is often called by the nickname "Mr. Rhythm."[2]

He could play huh..
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"Things Ain't What They Used To BE"..
4 days ago...


^^Stevie Wonder's playing something..
a guitar-board or something.

1 day ago
It's called a harpejji by Marcodi. The model he's playing is a G16 which has 16 strings.


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