What are you listening to right now?

Diggin' out some vinyl today: Chi Coltrane debut with Jim Gordon knocking it out of the park and Ronnie Tutt on one track, too. Lulu's eponymous 1973 album with the ubiquitous majesty of Hal Blaine. Randy Crawford's beautiful Secret Combination with Jeff Porcaro showing how it's done. Peace, MT
I remember standing in the back yard of my parents house, in the middle of the night, trying to see if I could see Kohoutek.
I think I was 12.
Ditto for me. The Wikipedia page for Kohoutek says it all:
"Because Kohoutek fell far short of expectations, its name became synonymous with spectacular disappointment." :oops:
In memory of the passing of John Marshall, a little of The Soft Machine. Haven’t heard this in at least two decades . Great stuff !

I'm into the story of Lynyrd Skynrd right now and got fascinated with Gary Rossington. I'm playing and replaying Simple Man. I'm really taken back by the band's problems with Ronnie Vanzants drunken episodes. I never realized the full extent of this..wow.

Nice….I pull this RCB one out of the vault every so often haha