What are you listening to right now?

Painted Horse, Anthony Gomes, to learn for a band I'm working with. I saw a familiar light blue bass in the video with unusual frets markers then heard a signature bass run. 'Oh, someone is copying Shehan. Let me get my glasses.' Hey, that is Billy, ok, cool.

The afternoon fusion jazz for today is by Spyro Gyra - In Modern Times, featuring drummer Joel Rosenblatt. Peace and goodwill.
Panic Channel - One (Stephen Perkins). A terrific pop-grunge-metal album featuring Navarro & Perkins. Criminally underrated / undiscovered gem.
Poco, You Better Think Twice - heard today on the local hippie radio station (hey, its Vermont, right?).
The intro to this song is totally bad-ass, great guitar work, too!
Would have bet a beer it was an old Loggins and Messina tune - half right!
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