What are you listening to right now?

The afternoon jazz for today is by Joey DeFrancesco - Live: The Authorized Bootleg. Peace and goodwill.
for the past 32 years, my long standing tradition is to listen to Rush as I tune the drums for marching band competition Saturdays. I get there about 3 hours before the kids and do all of my morning routines. They start to drift in and we start the Saturday Morning Hang where they clean the drums, listen to music of their own (usually stuff that I have introduced them to) and we get ready for the practice and then the show that night. The Saturday Hang is always mentioned by the alums as their best memories of band

so today was

The afternoon jazz for today is another organ trio by Joey DeFrancesco - 40. Peace and goodwill.
on the way to band practices

on the way home


1. I Don't Want Nothing
2. You've Changed
3. Meeting

Edddy Louiss: organ
Rene Thomas: guitar
Kenny Clarke: drums

This great, short set was broadcast on French television on January 15th 1970 on the Jazz Harmonie program.
The afternoon jazz for today is my last one from Joey DeFrancesco +the People - Project Freedom. Peace and goodwill.
The afternoon jazz for today is by Jeff Denson / Roman Pilson / Brian Blade - Between Two Worlds. Peace and goodwill.
a little jazz for the ride home after a 17 hour work day