What are you listening to right now?


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As of late I've been hooked on YouTube's reaction to....tunes. A couple months ago it was Donnie Iris and Ah Lea..or Harrison's What is life and Springsteen's Human touch. Lately I can't get enough reactions to Uriah Heeps The Wizard on my blue tooth speaker. I've focused on that tune like somethings wrong with me. BUT.


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Wow, Uriah Heep. I used to have that live album they did in '73.
What was that song called again, Steelin' when I should've been buyin', wasn't it?...



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Today's jazz fusion is by Spyro Gyra - Down the Wire. Peace and goodwill.


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"The official audio of Dr. John’s “Gimme That Old Time Religion” featuring Willie Nelson, from Dr. John’s forthcoming last studio album, ‘Things Happen That Way’, available September 23, 2022."
something happen to Dr. John?


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