What are you listening to right now?


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Lately i have been listening to this.. and honestly it's pretty mind blowing (Which every person here already knows and has heard it 1000 times)
One thing that blows me away on this album isn't even the music but the production quality, for 1973 this album just sounds amazing, No idea who produced/engineered it.. but an amazing job...

P.S. just went and looked it up...
Ken Scott, engineer of Spectrum, recounted: "Bill Cobham's drums were treated in exactly the same way as I recorded every other drummer. I just used more mics: Neumann U67s on toms, D20s or RE20s (at Electric Lady) on the bass drums, Neumann KM54 or 56 on snare, and either STC 4038s or Beyer M160 ribbon mics for the overheads. One other thing: in order to dampen the snare, Bill just laid his wallet on the top head."



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The new Gazpacho album. I really like the piano at the start, must be some textbook chord progression, but works. My friends find it weird because of their vegetable soup name and the 20min song going into church choir mode halfway, but I love their "we can play whatever we want" attitude.
Nice drums, too!