What are you listening to right now?


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Been listening to this live Ramones album much of the last couple weeks. Live in London in 1977.

One word to summarise it?

To this day I will never understand why their record company didn’t release it in America. What a stupid decision, almost as stupid as Epic not releasing Cheap Trick At Budokan till a million Americans bought the import.


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bit of math-rock band "battles" :)



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Seen several of the incarnations of this band over the years (20+ albums) if you are a fan of various types of blues, horns, etc. and haven't spent some time listening to Roomful.....it is worth your time IMHO......

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I live just south of the Canadian border and back in the day listened to CHOM-FM from Montreal - heard (and loved) lots of Triumph... Tnx for posting these clips! Also thinking of other bands from the great white north 🇨🇦; April Wine, Coney Hatch, Loverboy, Honeymoon Suite, Max Webster, Streetheart, Saga, and of course, Rush (not to be confused with Mahogany Rush).


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just recently discovered this group :) a lovely blend of early OMD with hints of kraftwerk and gary numan :)