What are you listening to right now?


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Because I just watched Alex Acuña being interviewed on the DW Channel.



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Being the dumbass that I am, I stopped at a local vintage vinyl record store and somehow lost track of time and ended up with some pretty cool records that I used to own as I rebuild my collection. Rock on


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My Girlfiriend really wants to see them if they come to her area of the U.S.

Do people audience members get dressed for the vibe of this music? I fear I'd look like Fred MacMurray from My Three Sons sitting out there!
they just did red rock festival but theres no other US tour dates scheduled atm :(

i dont believe so, i think the audience are just dressed in whatever feels comfy :)


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Re-watching this cobham lesson.. i love the way he explains his thought process about music and how he approaches things.. After that, i just got the new Chick Corea album to check out. :)


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I actually prefer this demo to the release version, if you are a skynrd fan you might want to listen all the way through. Fun drumming.