What are you listening to right now?


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My Girlfiriend really wants to see them if they come to her area of the U.S.

Do people audience members get dressed for the vibe of this music? I fear I'd look like Fred MacMurray from My Three Sons sitting out there!
they just did red rock festival but theres no other US tour dates scheduled atm :(

i dont believe so, i think the audience are just dressed in whatever feels comfy :)


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Re-watching this cobham lesson.. i love the way he explains his thought process about music and how he approaches things.. After that, i just got the new Chick Corea album to check out. :)


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I actually prefer this demo to the release version, if you are a skynrd fan you might want to listen all the way through. Fun drumming.


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Found these 15 beautiful records at one of my local haunts today, all in fabulous condition I am so excited. The bill including tax was $16.20. I sort of felt guilty but they were $1 each! This helps make up for the time I sold my collection to pay for a car repair decades ago.


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Just picked up this original Charlie Daniels Band Fire on the Mountain 1974 pressing complete with liner notes and photos on vinyl in great shape.
Some sweet southern rock with plenty of blues, fiddles and some pretty cool grooves for those willing to listen. Fred Edwards and Gary Allen on drums.


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