What are you listening to right now?

C.M. Jones

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Fueling my truck this morning, I encountered a fellow a few pumps away cranking this gem in his own ride. I chuckled with charm. Whether the track was conveyed by radio, CD, or a personalized playlist, you've got to admire a guy still rockin' to Dokken in 2021. Some fans never flinch.

I was never a Dokken disciple, but the guitar rhythms in this piece do kick ass. And don't forget Wild Mick Brown on drums. Evocative times.

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Because I just watched Alex Acuña being interviewed on the DW Channel.



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The Ludwigs are singing and man, those mediocre, cookie cutter cymbals sound real nice.



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Being the dumbass that I am, I stopped at a local vintage vinyl record store and somehow lost track of time and ended up with some pretty cool records that I used to own as I rebuild my collection. Rock on


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