What are you listening to right now?

C.M. Jones

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My favorite track from "Ghost in the Machine." I practiced to it regularly as a developing drummer in the '80s.. As always, Copeland's hi-hat work couldn't be more fitting or tasteful in this piece. He could do more with just a hi-hat than some players can muster with an entire kit. I never tire of hearing him.


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The Halloween episode of Dana Goulds podcast... one of my favorite things all year :) And this time with some Dark Shadows facts i didn't know (i'm a dark shadows junky)


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Being moody I put on what won't make me depressed....at this moment it's why dontchya from West..Bruce..and Lange. Corky is underrated.

Jeremy Bender

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This is the era when I was fortunate to see Buddy perform with his band live.
Besides his phenemonal chops, blistering speed and command over the bandstand, one thing that really astounded me while watching the show from our table was that I was witnessing an older man who basically had athletic abilities still left from pre-WW2!
The energy level was palpable...

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C.M. Jones

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Fueling my truck this morning, I encountered a fellow a few pumps away cranking this gem in his own ride. I chuckled with charm. Whether the track was conveyed by radio, CD, or a personalized playlist, you've got to admire a guy still rockin' to Dokken in 2021. Some fans never flinch.

I was never a Dokken disciple, but the guitar rhythms in this piece do kick ass. And don't forget Wild Mick Brown on drums. Evocative times.

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