What are you drinking right now?

A glass of plain water, later on going for the evening drink: red wine, cold gin, rum.


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Haha, funny thread.

I'm drinking water, like many, I try to drink as much as I can. Once you get used to drink 2to 3 litres a day you can really notice how it improves your general well-being. :)

The only downside is going to the bathroom like 20 times a day.

Swiss Matthias

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I do the same thing, and I notice yet another downside: Since my body is now used to about 3l a day, if I don't get to drink anything for a few hours, I become very thirsty quickly. I think people who don't drink much don't get thirsty so fast. Once the body is used to plenty of liquid, it screams for it if it doesn't get it.


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I exercise daily and drink plenty of H2O always. I soak up the water prior to "the gig". Tonight I am having an Aguila beer.

Meat the beat

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Red wine... yes it's 0830 in the morning... but its Amsterdam!!