What are you doing today as a drummer?

Resisting the urge to douse my kick pedal with gasoline and toss a match on it as I continue to shake off years of not playing rust 🙄😤🤬!!!!!


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Taking the day off. Had a 4 hour set the other night and then a 10 hour construction shift digging holes with post-hole diggers, and wanted to give myself a chance to recover.

I've been watching a bunch of episodes of "The Sessions Panel" on youtube though, so I'm considering it a study night.


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I'm trying to further relax my technique, especially when moving around the drum kit.

I'm also working on improving my finesse and tone quality by focussing on dynamics, and playing slowly to a metronome.

Jeremy Bender

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Posture, it's been the big thing lately since switching over to matched grip and changing tom positions.

Also, still trying for smoother sounding double stroke rolls!
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Today I'm trying to decide on staying or leaving my current band.
If we do get a new singer (audition next week) I will stay for sure, but if she doesnt work out, then it may be time to leave. I'd follow the singer in this case..


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Today I'm listening to the music that I'll need to know for praise band rehearsal tonight and for service on Sunday morning - just 5 songs, but there are two that I don't know, and 4 that I haven't played recently.

Yesterday I was working on my playing by working with backing tracks with a click.


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My drumming schedule is pretty set on a week-to-week:

Wednesday nights are rehearsals.

Saturday afternoons are lessons (I started again with my old teacher just a few weeks ago) with the odd rehearsal at night (or I just go over the lesson of the day).

Each other days are for practice (with the occasional day off).


Buying a music stand. Practicing out of The New Breed for at least 30 minutes. Then packing up for a weekend run. Good thing too got a new crash cymbal on lay-away I need to pay off.


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I practiced rudiments on a pad for around thirty minutes this morning, I also practiced some bass through headphones. (Playing bass helps my overall musicianship.) I'm headed down to my rehearsal space in a bit to work on a kit that I'm selling, I'll play a bit on the kit that is set up while I'm there.


As an IT guy, I'm waiting for 4:00 PM so I can go home. Then as a drummer, I'll spend some time on the kit before my better half gets home from work.