What are you doing today as a drummer?


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I am working on breaking down quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes into their least common denominator help the novice keep such rhythms in time. Developing a good foundation helps beginners then branch out to more complex rhythms. Share your views.....!!


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Our worship band is playing a concert out in the community this Sunday, so I've got to listen to the songs we are doing today. Practice is tomorrow!
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Working on speed and endurance on the pad. Haven't used a pad in years. Speed is an obsession, I'm hoping the pad will help coax a bit more out of me.


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Working on finger control with my weak hand.
Trying to stay relaxed and not tense up as hand speed increases.
Trying to increase my dbl base speed.
Practicing with metronome.


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Specifically today? It's a day off. I just did 5 shows in 4 days. Back in the saddle (seat) tomorrow.



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On a Tuesday, not much. I do have four gigs in four days between Thursday and Sunday though.

If anything I'll be promoting the upcoming gigs on social media and discussing future bookings with the bands I'm in.


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At this point I'm just trying to stay patient with my bandmates... our album (which I recorded and mixed and spent 300+ hours on) comes out Saturday and it's mostly talking and not nearly enough playing. I just want to play the dang drums, man.


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Watching Joe Morello breakdown odd time signatures and 5/4 time signatures, then going to duplicate that later.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Just moved for a new job and I put up my kit today. Not the greatest room and I migth have to get some phones with better isolation, but at least I can practice at any time. We're sharing space with a rather large upper secondary school, so on the weekends and late evenings I have lots of rooms to choose from.

I brought my practice kit last week, but I don't think I need it here anymore. It's nice to have a place and get it done in the morning. Think I'll just keep the work out pads at home and just work on some conditioning and fine tuning of hand technique there. I'll be going home to visit my parents once or twice a month, so I'll set the practice kit up there. Seems like a plan'

Haven't been able to practice like this for a while. I can do 30 intense minutes, then go to my office desk and do some other work and just repeat that cycle until my students come in the afternoon. Switching back and forth like that always worked well for me. Keeps me focused and it's nice to be part of a larger teaching environment.