What are these heads that come on the Stage Customs?


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I just destroyed my bank account on my new gear, so I've nothing left over for good heads...

WHAT are these clear heads that come stock on the Yammie Stage Custom Birch's?
They are branded Yamaha, but man I'm having some problems getting them to sing in tune. Prolly Remos, yes but what do they equate to?


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Similar sort of head to the Remo UT's etc (basic head that Remo will slap on many entry level through to intermediate kits....often branded with the drum company logo).......some like 'em. I personally don't. Save and swap is my advice.


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Thanks, now I know what NOT to buy for replacements.
They are "equivalent" ONLY in that they are both 1 ply mylar film heads........that's about where the similarities end I'm afraid.

DO NOT EVER judge any quality heads (of which the ambassador is most definitely one) by any of the junk that arrives stock with your kit. Remo may make 'em, but they make 'em to budget, for budget kits. Other than the name, they just don't compare (think the difference between a Zildjian Avedis and a Zildjian ZBT....daylight seperates the two....the ONLY similarities is the Zildjian stamp....same with the heads)

Go and buy one ambassador, take of the feeble stock head you have now and you'll notice a world of difference. :)