What are the best jam blocks?

Duck Tape

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By jam blocks I refer to the plastic blocks that you would play clave patterns with, like the LP jam block.

I've noticed there's a few cheaper versions on ebay. But also Meinl, Pearl and rhythm tech also make them, and probably more. I couldn't see any back to back comparisons online, maybe they're all roughly the same?

I've also noticed there's something called blast blocks?

I have a red lp jam block, I was thinking about getting the blue and orange one, just because I'm an idiot and want to buy gear, also because I want a left hand side percussion station :)


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I found the sound of those blocks to be dependent on size and shape entirely - if two blocks have the same shape they'll sound pretty much the same regardless of brand and manufacturer.
I find the wider ones such as your LP red jam block to have a bit of a fuller sound and a less pronounced attack to them, while the smaller ones such as the LP blast blocks to be a bit more "pure", clear and light.
I don't think there's any limit in the application of either type unless you want to sound very authentic to a specific genre, in which case I would recommend the lowest pitched LP jam block and then metal bells, so just listen to a few demos on youtube, see which kind of shape you like best, and then find any block that's shaped roughly the same way.

Do have fun with them, aux percussion are terribly fun.