What amp should I get for backing tracks?

Duck Tape

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My little 10w amp died last night when my friend decided to sing through it.. So I need a new amp.. What would be powerful enough to play backing tracks with? Any recommendations?

Bo Eder

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Not sure what's available in your part of the world, but out here places like the Guitar Center and Sam Ash sell these little 4-channel PA systems consisting for the powered amp and mixer and two speakers each with a 10" woofer and a horn for about $200. Those are perfect for playing tracks through and it could handle microphones too. It's not super powerful but I think adequate for what you want to do. The names out here are Phonic, or Harbinger.


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Fender Passport 500 Pro. Just ad a sub woofer and it is perfect for backing tracks.
It even has a mem card port to both record and play the backing tracks.
When your singer bud comes over he can sing through it too.
Here is a thread that I started about it that didn't catch on. http://www.drummerworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=92804
I use one of these with the Passport as a personal monitor. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/nady-pm-200a-powered-personal-stage-monitor
You could also play your tracks directly through this powered monitor amp.
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john gerrard

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Dre, I just bought a used Simmons Da200s. It is made for Simmons electronic kits as a monitor but would be great for what you are looking for. I bought mine to use if I ever wanted to mic my cajon. But I found out what an amazing little piece of equipment it is. It's rated at 200 watts. It has a 12 sub with a 100 watt amp and it has two 6 inch speakers and two tweeters each with their own 50 watt amp. It also has a jack for MP3 players and the sound quality is first class. It has two channels, one with tone controls, a headphone jack. and a mic output that you can run through a PA. I got it used for $150.00. Like I said if you can find one (brand new they run around $325 ) it would be just what you need. John

Duck Tape

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I got excited about the PA thing but the simmons is probably more in my budget right now.

Will see if I can find one in Australia for a half decent price.



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I use my iPod through this tower-style docking station. It works well, is loud enough, sound quality is OK rather than great. The drawback would be that it's limited to iPods.

From memory I bought mine via the 'bay for about half of the listed price.


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I use my Roland PM30 amp. It's a great piece of equipment, albeit rather heavy. It does have detachable wheels however & aux speakers.


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If you can find a decent Roland KC 500 series keyboard amp, I think that would work for you..............I used to use it to amplify my e-kit and it worked great.