What amp is best for electronic sets?

No Way Jose

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I never found an amp that I liked. You need a big, maybe 15 inch speaker for low frequencies of a bass drum, and you need high frequency reproduction for cymbal sounds. PA systems do a good job but it's still not an excellent sound.

However, to gig a monitor speaker works. It doesn't have to be perfect to gig, just sellable.


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if you want a convenient and affordable drum amp for rehearsing and practice, use a bass guitar amp.

(i'll just pause for the inevitable torrent of abuse...)
You're not wrong here. You get clip-elimination, you get overhead, you get speakers that can handle the abuse. The only thing you'll have to overcome is some of the built-in-EQ coloration and get the pre/gain levels right. The poweramp is likely going to be the same IcePower PWM reference board you find in most bass amps these days.

My DTX-532 sounds great plugged into my Rumble 500.


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I recently purchased the Alesis Strike 2000W drum amp for my TD-17 KVX and am thrilled. had Roland PM-3 before. The power and clarity for the money is awesome.