What about this kit?


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thats not a bad kit. i have a tama kit and i love mine. the only thing is you would need to replace the heads on it.


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Thanks for the input.

I'd let him replace the heads I think, just so he gets the ones he wants.

I'm really looking for whether 800 is a good deal given whats included, the kit quality etc? Any info is appreciated.

Thanks again.


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Anyone else have any input??

Like I said. I have some idea about drums, but not enough to buy a used kit comfortably. I obviously will play them beforehand, I just wanna know given whats included if its a good looking kit to buy.

From my knowledge tama superstar hyperdrive are intermediate kits?


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Considering you're getting the whole ball of wax (drums, cymbals, hardware, pedal, throne ... the works ... not a bad deal. This will certainly get you going. The Hyperdrive is a very popular kit right now. Sure, you could get a better kit for the money, but then you'd have to find hardware and cymbals. Figure those add up to about $300, so you're looking at $499 for the shell pack, and $300 for hardware and cymbals. Not a bad deal.​
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I've had 2 Tama kits in the past. I was very happy with both of them. The first was a 5-piece Rockstar. It was great! Then I got a vintage 4-piece 70's Japanese ImperialStar kit and really liked the sound of those. They sounded even better on the audience side.

I think it's a good deal. you should still try to chisel him down $50. Doesn't hurt to try...


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Looking to buy a kit for my brother. Know the basics about drum brands, quality, rankings etc. But am looking for advice. From research Ive done this looks like a solid deal? Cymbals arent the best, but hes only been playing about 6 months. any opinions would be great .
Extra floor tom is nice to have for sure. The IC pedal is 100+ bucks alone. I'd say it's a fair price.

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Go get it. It's complete. Tama's are good stuff. He'll eventually get new cymbals once he realizes he wants new cymbals, but who wouldn't want to receive an entire new kit as a gift? Alot of times if you buy new, you might get the drums for that price, but then you have to add in alot of the stuff that is already included here.

I hope the seller still has them! Call him now!
I played this kit (well.. that model) a few years ago at a gig, its a really nice kit! Go for it, and as for cymbals he will probably change them down the line!
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for that price i'd pick it up in a heart beat. I've got almost that exact kit right down to the finish excluding the cymbals and i love it. if you put new heads on them they'll sound awesome. I love mine. and yes, they are intermediate drums.