what about the rug? your rug!


I play on a cheap walmart rug I bought last august. I was wondering if I should invest in a nicer oriental rug. I've never paid much attention to the rug until I started gigging heavily this year. The rug must play a crucial role in the RAD (reflection, absorption, and diffusion) of the drums- I want to hear what you guys think about this!


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I had a nice rug that was quickly ruined and smelled like smoke, playing in the bars. Now I just have them cut me a square of the cheapest indoor/outdoor stuff at Home Depot and consider it disposable.

All the rugs I've used have a short pile, so I haven't really noticed a difference in RAD.


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Again, I agree a nice rug (oriental, colours designs) looks good with a nice kit.
But like the drums, nobody but the drummer is noticing the drum rug.


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I use a rug with a rubber backing from Home Depot. About $15, I believe.


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I got a 5x7 rug for $20 at Lowe's that matches my Tama Transparent Blue Burst finish perfectly! Didn't intend for the color match, just wanted a cheap 5x7 rug any color, but he matching color was a bonus.


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I pulled a rubber backed 5x7, short pile rug from my bedroom that was looking pretty worn anyways. Works great and does all I need it to do. Since I'm taping all over it, etc..I don't want to spend a lot of money on something nice. I wouldn't mind having one that matched my kit though, not that anyone but me would notice :)


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cheap rugs are fine. I use $20 Walmart specials. They work great and if something happens to them I don't fret about it.


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I have used olefin mats. These are the kinds the put in entryways of restaurants, banks, etc. Rubber backing, thin pile, very durable, easy to replace and they grip velcro or spikes like crazy. I don't like carpet scraps because the edges tend to fray and roll upwards.


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I used to have a thin carpet that I got from Lowe's. It was probably $10 or $15. The only thing I didn't like about it was the bass drum creep. A carpeted block with Velcro on it at the front didn't really have the desired effect.

Luckily, I recently happened upon an actual drum rug for $25. Otherwise I probably never would have bought one.

I'm keeping the old carpet for whenever I'm able to set up both drum kits.

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I had a great rug but it was stolen. It really tied the room together too. . .

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