What’s the first song you learned to play?


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One of These Nights by the Eagles.
It was terrible. My instructor when I was 13 years old told me to play it straight, but I came back with it properly learned with triplets on hihat. He scolded me for not learning it the way he told me to.
I lost faith in the guy and dropped out of the lessons.
I wish I stuck to it because he as teaching me reading, and I was happy learning out of the book.


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I don’t remember exactly, but the first two albums I played along to soooo many times were:

Pantera- 101 Proof Live
Sublime- 40oz to Freedom

I was playing jazz in school before these two.


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Although I am still just now starting out. and since TV themes were mentioned I gotta say I always liked 5-0, Hogan's heroes and Barney Miller themes (On drums and other instruments as well).
Really wanna get that Barney Miller on EVERYTHING!


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Whoa: this question really took me on a trip down memory lane. My mind went into overdrive trying to think!. Great question. I could only take an educated guess after sitting here. I'm thinking cinnamon girl but it's foggy.


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On the drum kit, I believe it was Paul Revere and the Raiders - 'Just Like Me.' Clearly, it's been a day or two...


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I was 13 and learned to play the songs that my friends knew how to play on guitar.

So for me it was a rough version of Gloria by The Doors.

Then keep on rockin in the free world

Then Down by the River

Captain Bash

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Blimey, some of your first songs were far more technically challenging than mine. Me and two mates (bass, guitar, drums ) learnt to play the “ A Forrest” by The Cure. Pretty much a straight 4/4 beat with minor dynamic shifts and occasional crash. Lesson learnt, fills stop people dancing, stay out the way of the vocal, play steady time / feel for 4 minutes straight.