What’s the “Supra” of Piccolos?

Drifter in the Dark

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Yamaha's piccolo snares always sound fantastic! Brass is a popular choice (as singleflammedmill mentioned), but the wood-shell drums are also great! I have a 14x4 Maple Custom Absolute with hook lugs and die-cast aluminum hoops. The level of sensitivity and articulation just blows me away every time I play it!87190


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I owned one of these (Brass Pearl FF piccolo) but sold it after not using it on a gig for a year. It really was versatile and sounded good tuned down as well as up.
Me too. Nice drum. I used one a lot in the 90's but not so much in recent years.
I sold it a couple of years ago and got a 5" NOB Sensitone.


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I would go with Pearl FF or Yamaha Brass....

I "think" that the Pearl FF design came from the CB700 FF, as my family's CB700 looks almost exactly like a Pearl. The CB might be found for significantly cheaper.


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As mentioned earlier. The SD-493. The mother of all picolo's. Used by Weckl, Questlove, Colaiuta and more, It also inspired Garibaldi for his own signature piccolo.

fudge I love this. Thanks for the tip. May look for one....


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I agree that Yamaha brass 14x3.5 and David Garibaldi's signature are the best in the metal piccolo class, just as the N&C 14x3-7/8" is for wood piccolos.
But take a look at Canopus The Bronze 14x4. It's fantastic!


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I second the Pearl brass piccolo. I had the regular shell version, not the FF (seems counterintuitive, using a system that maximized shell isolation/resonance with a size with so little shell), and it exhibited all the best qualities of a piccolo. I sold it only because I had much less need for it than I thought I would when I bought it.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I guess you can say there isn't one, but the Pearl, Legend and any of the Yamahas, many of them signature snares, of that same era.

I think the shell hass less influence when you go to those sizes especially if you use wires wth lots of strands. It's all attack and snares. My Colaiuta sig sort of does that job for me. Though I don't know about any issues personally, those single screw lugs on the Yamahas are considered a weak point.

The only piccolo I'm really interested in myself is this one.



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J. R. Robinson had a signature 4 x 14" Pearl maple snare with 10 lugs and die cast rims. He used it on a lot of the sessions that he did.