we've all seen videos of kids playing drums but....


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Yea, I saw that some time back. Amazing. Interesting how he really seems to understand rhythms instead of just copying moves like a lot of the kids do. Some of the clave stuff was really cool under the chops.


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I'm confused regarding his setup, the double beater-pedal-thingy he use for his left-foot beside the hi-hat pedal for a cow-bell (or whatever you call it). Does anyone know what kind of pedal that is?? It seems to be one pedal to control two beaters!?


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Absolutely insane. -- I was more impressed with the 1st half though - that is, musically. The 2nd half was kind of weaker although the limb coordination and multi pedal orchestration is unbelievable.
I'm confused regarding his setup, the double beater-pedal-thingy he use for his left-foot beside the hi-hat pedal for a cow-bell (or whatever you call it). Does anyone know what kind of pedal that is?? It seems to be one pedal to control two beaters!?
I guess it's the Sonor Giant Step Twin Effect pedal - here's a thread:
Sonor Giant step twin effect

There's a handful of other pedals on the market that do have a twin action but I think their beaters are placed closer so judging from the video, I'd say it's (in fact) 2 of those twin pedals. (Wait - I have 2 of those myself... Time to utilize them in a meaningful way? And I considered selling them lately, haha.) BTW, that pedal is massively (over)built.


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Have seen this kid before. His cover of Got a match? on YouTube is amazing. He's playing some of the most difficult music there is at such a young age.

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Man, I didn't even pick up sticks until I was 15. This kid is tearing it up at age 10 with multi-limb ostinatos that Lang would have trouble with.



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I remember another kid who was as talented as this one is and he is talented.

I kept track of him, to see whether he would burn out, be a star, etc. He actually went on to become like THE drummer for Walt Disney Studios.
There was a young black child (no racism intended) who had a video out years ago and he could seriously play, never was able to find out his name to see how he did, Hope he is happy.

This kid is obviously a prodigy, it is rare, but it happens. Elton John was a prodigy, Royal Academy of Music age 14.

The only thing I wonder, is about the kids setup, specifically his cymbal height. Maybe he is playing someone elses kit for the vid or something, but I am 6'1" and I could not reach some of those cymbals, or at least not comfortably. Either way, nittpicking. Hope he has a great career. Thanks for posting.

My Best!


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As a guy born in 52, I hope he is using some ear protection....

If I were his instructor, I would probably attempt to cut his kit to four pieces and go to work on the New Breed. Obviously he has some great independence skills going on already, but he could be a ZenMaster if he were supervised in that direction.
Just an opinion.

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It's just amazing that so much development can be squeezed into a few years. It definitely makes me look pretty useless.

Strict Asian parents are probably an important ingredient here lol


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Agreed Tony. This little guy's "got it", & that's not a chops based observation.

This is just beyond anything I've ever seen.
In my mind I go through:
"Well, I should just quit"
To: "Well I'd like to see him on STAGE playing with a band, and entertaining a crowd, yeah I bet he couldn't do that though..."
To: "Well I'm sure he could do that no problem given this kind of talent"
And finally to: "Yup, I guess I just quit then"

But then I try not to quit, but instead just appreciate this amazing skill level and wish him the best.

thanks for sharing/ruining my life/enlightening me/encouraging me.


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... this kid is in my opinion on another level of ability compared to any other child I have ever seen

truly remarkable and deserves to be celebrated for his talent
I hate him as much as I hate you Tony...

... simply amazing, to have such control and mastering at such an age is sickening, there's decades of drumming skills in that clip.


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Some children just play like they were born with piano keys under their fingers, or a violin bow, or pick, or drum sticks in their hands.

It also shows the influence of visual media on young musicians for the last few decades. The bars get raised and they keep meeting them.

I can't imagine this boy in five to ten years. When his physical constitution begins to solidify this kid will be shock the world if he stays with it.


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those Sonor pedals are a PITA to play, not smooth at all and this kid is KILLING it on one. I had the same pedal, but my big feet made it terribly difficult to play. Good to see young talent having fun on a kit!



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my goodness what he is playing with right foot and hands is awesome but then what he is doing at the same time with his left is just sick!