Went to Memphis Drum Shop last week...


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What a cool store! Lived up to everything I expected, except it kinda sucks that things are so nicely put away and not easily available to test. That's how nice stores are, though. However, the staff was very friendly and helpful!

I bought a new Ludwig Acrolite 6.5" x 14" snare and it freaking rocks. The guy got it from back, unboxed it, took the stock head off so I wouldn't put any wear it, put on a new Emperor, then gave me the snare to dry with a Pearl set in the cymbal room.

They ended up throwing in the Emperor for free (as well as the stock head of course.)

What a cool store and great staff! I only let my significant other take a few pics, because I'm not really into that much and I was busy looking at the gear. LOL

Not the greatest pics, but you get the idea!



Anthony Amodeo

that cymbal room is ridiculous

I spent about 2 hours in that room


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Wow, what a place! Do you have any photos and more feedback on your new acrolite, how does the extra depth on the drum change it?



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Wow, what a place! Do you have any photos and more feedback on your new acrolite, how does the extra depth on the drum change it?

I gotta admit that I'm super addicted to the Memphis Drum Shop videos. The excellent playing, the great quality, the killer tones, etc... Love their videos!

I don't have any pics of the new Acrolite yet, but it's the "classic" model that has the chrome hardware, not the satin hardware. I'd have to have the 5" deep version side-by-side to compare, but the obvious thing is the depth of the tone with the deeper shell.

I'm still in the honeymoon stage, but so far, this freaking snare drum rocks. It's loud and open. Very powerful sounding to me.

I also have a Brass Edition Supra and at this exact moment, I like the new Acro more. I know, that's just wrong. he he


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My local store has 1/ 10th of those cymbals. All 3 brands. Good lord. My credit cards would be maxxed


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What a store, i probably would have a hard time knowing where to start! Is a new Acrolite sound wise the same as the old ones JB's drummers used?


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What a place! Road trip! Road trip! Glad you like the Acro. Even though it is now famous, it is still too underrated in my book Best drum ever made in its price range, and competes squarely with those not in its range! Beginners drum my foot. . . .


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That's cool!! Really nice shop, and I love their video's too! I went with a 24" 2002 AVH Big ride over something else because of their video's.

Doesn't the 6.5 Acro totally ROCK Sgt??!!
It's my favorite snare next to my Black Beauties. I really love playing it.

HMNY, I'm very picky about how MY snare sounds, and I give the 6.5 Acro 2 thumbs up, 5 out of 5 stars. I dig it a lot more than a 402.
It's a total quality buy IMO. I did put a P-86 on it to match my other snares though. My 85's never gave me a problem, and the one that came on the drum worked just fine and smoothly, but, I just like 86's style more. "As IS" the drum is a bitchin' snare.


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Holy Cow

I don't think I would have walked out of that cymbal room without buying two or three new cymbals!!

Would love to make it there someday to check it out and spend some money

Congrats on the Acro snare!


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I pass through Memphis now and then. Need to stop in and check the place out, especially the gong room. I need to really smack that 7' Paiste and experience it.


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I would love to go there, unfortunately I live in Australia :(
Our music store situation is not too great at the moment. Hope it picks up soon.
However, that cymbal room has to be one of the coolest places on this earth.


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Did you get to visit the gong chamber as well? That room is a world unto itself.
No, I sure didn't. I know they have a gong selection, but I didn't see that room and really kinda forgot about that once I started looking at everything else! LOL

Here's a picture of my new acro behind the kit. Not even close to being a good picture, but they do all kinda look the same anyway. :)

PS - The new snare does look pretty cozy!