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I have a couple hobbies, and I of course troll the auction sites. More and more when I look at musical gear or other toys, I look for things that have been well used. Something about an item that is a tribute to its functionality when its got all manner of nicks and scratches. An


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It is said super vintage snare drums that look really beat up and worked on sound the best because the drummer who used it tried to get a good sound out of it at the time.

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If a vintage drum has a period-correct batter head and it's all beat to heck well used then I know drum has better chance of being all original rods washers etc. It got played for a while then put up and never use again for many years. If a gigging drummer had owned it they would have changed heads and had newer modern heads on it. Better yet vintage period correct head with just a bit of use and not well used indicates drum was purchased (maybe for a young student) and not used much. "Well used" can be helpful when buying vintage drums.