Well, that escalated quickly!

We didn't video the gig, but if I displayed even 1 second of video, or even a screen shot, I'd have to ban myself!

I've also had calls from band members asking me to police any social media video posts from 3rd parties, as spouse support for their band involvement would likely prove challenging. The guys behaved impeccably & professionally, but video clips without context could easily be taken the wrong way.

The broadest interpretation of "spousal suport"!!!


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Actually, looks like she gave YOU a lap dance.
Yeah I guess technically that's true. We were trying to figure out how she could sit w/ me straddling her, either standing or sitting and still play the song. We realized the only way it would work is if she sat on my lap.

And my girlfriend is understanding that's it part of the entertainment. She gave me an "uh huh" with the raised eyebrow.

And while the band doesn't have video of it, the bridal party all had their phones pointed at us so just like Andy's situation, there's certainly video of it out there somewhere. I figure if I run for political office, it'll show up rather quickly.
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I don’t play out, but I think at my age and looks, I would attract the female demo that If undergarments were thrown our way, we would likely throw them back or keep them for use on a future camping trip or for use if I ever wanted to try paragliding. J/k


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I assure all this was nothing to do with band followers or adoration, & certainly nothing to do with band member attractiveness (or more accurately, lack of). It could have been any band able to pull a crowd & create an enthusiastic vibe that night. We were just convenient stooges.


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Proof I’ve always been in the wrong bands! LOL!!
Sounds funny until it happens. You get a horrible feeling of helplessness when some random crosses that line and you're sat there and can't move.

Drunk women are the absolute worst, they really push their luck thinking they can get away with it without realising that being a drunken mess aint attractive. I will stop in the middle of a song now until they get off the stage. I get paid to entertain not babysit, if alcohol turns you into an idiot, don't drink, but chances are they're beyond saving!

The singer usually cops the worst of it, I've seen our singer have his crotch grabbed by another guy mid song at a wedding. I've also seen our singer get propositioned down the mic. I hide my sticks to stop the have a go heroes but when you get the ones who grab the mic and think it's a drumstick...........hulk smash!

If you wanna see the best way to deal with a drunken idiot go on youtube and type in Bill Hicks loses it.


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That is funny!

I shared this story before, but we had a similar situation at a gig we played at a county park. This really drunk, scantily-clad young lady just invited herself up on stage and started dancing up on the band members. She stepped on a cord that started a buzzing sound we didn't fix until the next break. When she got to me, she got behind me and started dancing with her, uh, chest, right up against my back.

After our set, the wife of our bandleader said, "God, Larry, you got it the worst of all. What a disgusting slut. I bet you can't wait to go home and wash the boob sweat off yourself."

Me: "Yeah, that was so ridiculous."

Me, in my head: "GOD I LOVE MUSIC."


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Hahaha makes for a good story in a few years at least.

Our singer used to give out a CD to whoever had the best dance moves while we were playing. We had a girl come on stage and start doing some very inappropriate dancing once and start taking off a few items of clothing. we had to stop the song before it got any worse and the set was cut short. Needles to say, we are very specific now or don't do that. haha

Another time had a female keep trying to help me take down my gear after a gig and kept telling her "no thanks, I'm good" as nice as I could well still being firm about it. I eventually said "I don't like help, even from my band mates because I have a system. Go help a guitar player if you want do do something" to maybe get her to go to someone else. I had turned my back for a minute, and she took all of the wingnuts out of my floor tom leg brackets. I changed my tone pretty quick as that metal collar is a real PITA to get back in there.


Seems Ive been out of the game way too long...so this is what happens nowdays eh?....
I need a gig asap...