Well, regarding being creative on a small set or not..


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In this case only hi-hat, snare, bass drum and a cymbal..

The guy is really one of the biggest new talents i saw play during the past years..

Very worthwhile to check out all his other videos too btw..

And yes, he overplays a little (bla bla bla), but, i mean, who cares, if you overplay like this..:



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I can tolerate that kind of over-playing all day long. And, Scott Pellegrom - there has to be a hidden double bass drum pedal there somewhere, right?


I'm cooked. Too old to start all over again now. But, I love watching these talent-overloaded guys play.



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This is precisely the reason I removed two of my toms. I need to work on creative sticking concepts before trying to get creative with a bunch of voices.
I enjoyed this video, great playing!. I do think it would have sounded 100 times better with a floor tom in the kit though.

Never don't have a floor tom.
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