Well, I'll be darned.....


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I've been taking lessons now for several months, and I think I'm coming along pretty good. Most of my practice up till now has been patterns on the practice pad. But I always try to find time to play around and just kinda freestyle on the kit. Even if only for a few minutes at a time. As long as I've wanted to play the drums, I'm 42. I can remember I've had about a half dozen or so beats and fills that if I just sit down and play around, I will automatically fall into them. I play them on the kit, my chest, tables, steering wheels, wherever, and have been doing it for decades. I never really knew where they came from, or whether I'd just made them up eons ago.

Well tonight I was down in the basement with this weeks lesson tappity tap tappin away on the pad with the Ipod in the background on shuffle.....and I'll be damned. The song. As I sat and listened really tuned in on the drums as I tend to do more of now, I had a small moment. Every one of those beats and fills I'd been tapping away on pretty much everything for the last 20 years were all right there in that one song. "No way" Start over. "Sure enough, every one" Not just similar patterns. It was them, exactly.

It's a song I know and love from one of my favorite bands, but not any more than hundreds of others from the era. I've heard it hundreds of times and never made the connection till now. Weird,



I've been practicing this song for 20 years.

This is now officially the first song I must learn. I figured it would be Back in Black or something from Judas Priest, but it has to be Children of the Damned