Well, I took the plunge...


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So, with the new band and all, it seemed apparent I needed a double pedal for the style. I have always disliked the double pedal and have never been inclined to use one. But today, I am purchasing a second hand gilbratar double pedal, just because it was cheap, and I need to.

My question, did you notice a real difference in your playing once you got a double pedal?


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IT took me ten years to get used to playing double pedal.........but i guess everyone catches on quicker.

That Guy

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Take it easy in the beginning buddy. Start with your simple 1/4, 1/8 & 1/16 at low speeds then bring it up. Your left foot is going to feel like it has been paralyzed for ages. I started using a double pedal back in 1994 and I can't live without it now. It's really fun to see what little spurts of machine gun fire can happen when used correctly.

It takes awhile to become proficient with it, so don't get discouraged. If you know anybody who uses one regularly get with them. Have them show you what can be done with it. Watch vids of guys who use them.

Welcome to the new world!!! Have fun.


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i got my first double pedal about 3 years ago. the music i play and love uses the double pedal,and double bass an awful lot,so i felt it was a necessary purchase.

like "That Guy" i cant live without my double pedal.
not only was it handy for what i play, but it also adds great effect when not playing heavier music, I'll often use two different beaters for different sounds.

but to answer your question, yes, i did notice a difference in my playing. for a few months nothing felt "solid", I guess it was because i was adding in a part of my body that hadn't been used much before,so i was concentrating on that part of my body(left leg) to get what i was playing right. doing so, the rest of my body fell behind.
if that all makes sense?



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Always disliked a double pedal? Leave it to me to be the guy with a five piece kit who can lay down a groove but also maul my bass drum with both feet. Check out Candiria's Kenneth Schalk, he may readjust your bias against a wonderful invention. However, if you question using the thing in a given situation, it's probably best to leave it out. "When in doubt, leave it out."

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I can't say anything to really help you out since I've been playing double pedal since I started drumming (I use it for everything, thats all my music is) but you should start off slow. What kind of music are you playing? Will you be heavily relying on it, or just sometimes?

Just start with alternating foot patterns. Start off slow, and try to play more with your left foot on easy stuff so you can get a feel fore it.