Well here i am


Hi guys,

been reading for a while and decided i should stop being a lurker

been drumming for 15 years give or take a few where i gave it up to travel (hard to backpack with a drum kit)

play in a blues/ rock band in Newcastle Australia. spent alot of my time in Hardcore punk/ metal bands as a 20-25 year old.
now just love grooving.

i am what you call and you all probably are, an obsessed drummer, always doing something drum related whether drumming, listening intently to someones drumming or telling people their music sucks cause it doesn't have real drumming on it.

so yeah thats me

Hi all


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Can I be honest and say that, you giving up everything to travel and see the world, is extremely admirable. I envy you. Welcome :)


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I played at the Civic Theatre a few times. I recall a nice music store/drum dept. around the corner from there with some vintage gear on the shelves, very cool!



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Welcome aboard :) This forum is, in some ways, a journey around the world, so keep your backpack on & enjoy the ride :)


Civic theatre is a great venue, and the drum shop is the place to go for gear, so im pretty sorted,

it was a big decision to go travelling but i wanted to do it with my old band and i started looking into overseas labels and they said nup. want to keep it a weekend thing, so i packed my shit and went myself, best thing i ever did

good to be made so welcome.