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Hey everyone, I have a problem with this weird junky snare wire reverb after a stroke, and it as though 1 wire sustains longer than it should, kind of like a mosquito(yeah, that's a perfect analogy). I've tried different wires and different reso heads, nothing seems to help, tried tightening up the wires: it doesn't go away! I mean it kinda shortens but it is still there and the snare starts to sound even shi**ier;)
The snare drum is DW collectors 14x4
Tried evans genera dry or remo ambassador on top, evans hazy 500 or remo snare side on bottom
Wires: original dw wires, puresound 20 brass or 14 equalizer
Please help!:)
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It could be a ton of things causing that.

Remove the snare wires and see if any of the strands seem out of alignment or bent or in some way don't seem to be doing the same thing as the rest of the wires. Do the wires hang straight when you hold them vertically? Sometimes wires get twisted a little and that can have an effect on their sound.

If not the wires...

Is the snare head tight? Is it in tune with itself? If there are any stray overtones in the head it can make the wires vibrate unexpectedly. Same thing if the head isn't quite tight.

Does that problem happen when the snare is away from the rest of the kit? Sometimes a little sympathetic vibration from a bottom tom tom head can make the snare side head talk back. If so, re-tune one of the heads until it diminishes the effect.

Sometimes the tuning interval problem is between the batter and snare side of the snare drum. If you hear any clashing overtones when the wires are off retune the head(s).

Finally, I've never (ever) had any luck getting the Evans 500 snare-side head to sound good. It's so thick and stiff it has made every snare I've tried one on sound terrible.

I'd remove the heads and wires and start from scratch. Get the drum sounding great before you even begin installing the snare wires. Then make sure the wires go on straight, are even side to side, and not too tight.


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Check out the you tube video series called " Sounds like a drum" There are a number of tutorials that deal with snare drums, tuning, wires, and trouble shooting. A wealth of information.
I was going to suggest the same thing.

Your wires may not be sitting completely flat against the resonant head. Flip the drum over and gently strum the wires both in the middle and at the ends. If the wires seem looser at the ends, that may be your problem.

If that is the case then loosen the lugs at both ends of the snare bed (at the strainer and the butt plate) just a bit, allowing the head to rise a little. The head will rise up to contact the wires more evenly and will sit more levelly. You may need to tighten the lugs in the middle a bit at the same time. The intent is to have the resonant head sit level and make contact with the wires evenly.